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I'm uploading some Pixel Art!

2015-10-23 02:08:32 by moonbase8

So, I decided to start uploading some Pixel Art I made, they aren't masterpieces or something like that, but I wish people like it ^-^

Finally I got it! Unlock all the medals of the game "chaos faction 2 "!!!! I can not believe it! I feel powerful ...

I am posting again!

2009-10-08 21:42:04 by moonbase8

Staff newgrounds!
'm getting more and more medals!
am very thriving!
please visit my User!

A beginning...

2009-09-08 22:50:03 by moonbase8

Hello my friends from newgrounds!
I barely just come and already have some medals!
This is very good!
And I'm at level 3, I think!